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This is my 1,000th tumblr. post! I guess that calls for a celebration, but before I get this party started, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank all my loyal followers (and even the not-so-loyal ones). THANK YOU, ALL! And hey, if you’re not following me, it’s never too late to start. I try to keep the content I post relatively fresh, and the best way to do that is by taking all those zany ideas floating around in my head (well, a select few anyway) and turning them into tangible memes. For example, this one:
What if Martin Scorsese were to direct an episode of Doctor Who?
I imagine it would look something like this.


Each month, I create an ’80s era movie mash-up. In other words, I amalgamate two ’80s era films. For the month of August 2014, I’ve paired The Last Starfighter with Firestarter.
The end result = “The Last Firestarter”.

Other months’ entries can be viewed at the links below:

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Our transition from classic Doctor Who to the modern era starts today, with the Wanderers in the 4th Dimension podcast’s review of Deep Breath. The podcast is available for free via iTunes. (Links to the podcast can be found on my main tumblr. site). We have a whopper of a theory as to who we think Missy (Miss E?) might be that you won’t want to miss. Please consider subscribing to the Wanderers in the 4th Dimension podcast throughout our series 8 coverage - to reiterate, it’s free!
We’ll continue our modern era coverage all the way through series 8 and the 2014 Christmas special. After that, we’ll resume our coverage of the classic material picking up right where we left off (i.e. at the start of Patrick Troughton’s stint).

Wit4D is not affiliated with the BBC; we’re merely fans of the modern Doctor Who series who decided we owed it to ourselves to take on the classic material from the show’s inception. We even discuss lost episodes. Our coverage of the William Hartnell era is currently available on iTunes, and now the first chapter, in what we hope will be an amazing series 8, is too.

I redecorated.
I hope you like it.

You are cordially invited to check out my recently renovated tumblr. site. (Yelling "Geronimo!!!" when you click the link is optional.) As with my site’s previous incarnation, this one pays homage to Doctor Who. Since the Wanderers in the 4th Dimension Doctor Who podcast that I co-host will be temporarily halting our classic Doctor Who journey in order to focus our attention on series 8, I decided my tumblr. site should also reflect this new Capaldi era.

BTW, in case anyone is interested in recreating that twirling timepiece look,  Photoshop users can achieve it by applying what’s known as a “Droste effect” filter. The plugin is one that will likely need to be acquired via a third party source.

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