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As part of the Official Doctor Who tumblr. site’s celebration of Clara, I’m re-posting another one of my previous creations. This one features Clara as Back to the Future’s Clara and The Doctor as Doc Brown (not much of a stretch when one thinks about it). Matt as Marty McFly proves once again that Stetsons® are cool.

I make a lot of these mash-ups, many of which are Doctor Who-themed. My latest one is a Doctor Who-themed Guardians of the Galaxy parody (which can be viewed here). If you like what you see, please consider following me on tumblr.

DAY 3 Invent a new feature for the Sonic Screwdriver. We know it doesn’t do wood, but can it clean up spilled drinks?

Sonic Screwdriver application no. 394: CONCERT LIGHT
Has this ever happened to you? You traveled back in time to attended a Journey concert. Steve Perry starts belting out, When the lights go down in The City…” . Everyone whips out their Bics®. You reach for yours - but then it hits you.
You don’t smoke.
Not a problem.

Since the Official Doctor Who Tumblr. page is kicking off its new theme week with a celebration of Clara Oswald (dubbed “Clarabration”), I’ve decided to re-post this image I made for the 30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who Challenge.

As expected, at this year’s San Diego Comic Con DC gave us a glimpse of actress Gal Godot donning the Wonder Woman costume. The photo they released was awash in sepia tones, leaving the actual color scheme up to viewers’ imaginations - or in my case, Photoshop.

(Disclaimer: Wonder Woman’s costume’s colors are merely how I envisioned them, and are in no way meant to be passed off as how she will actually look in the film.)

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